Sunday, March 26, 2006

This is me climbing at the climbing gym at Paco's birthday. I climbed all the way to the top of the wall.
You can rest when your arms get tired. I wanted to eat a cookie or slice of pizza when I was hanging off the wall.

They also had a foosball table at the gym. Vincent and I played on the same team.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Here are some pictures from my Christmas.

These are Kapla blocks. I like playing with them. You can build lots of towers and stuff. Omi and Grandpa gave me the Kapla blocks, but sometimes the things I build fall down, and one day I built a huge wall like the tower of Toa.

This is a pinball machine that you hold in your hand. You can shoot little silver balls and score different points. Here I think I scored the highest--600 points!

This is what I gave to Papa for Christmas. It is a bell and he liked it.

I like that the book can open up. It's about dinosaurs--almost like DinoAttack. Philip, Alex, Zoe and Liam gave this dino thing to me. I got a new bike for Christmas from Santa. But I haven't ridden it in Oakland yet because we were in LA at Christmas and it's raining a lot in Oakland.

Los Angeles

This is Grandpa, Nne, me, Liv, Anika and Afton on Christmas. My dad took the picture.

Liv was getting in the front, and I was making funny faces.

This is Afton with a boo boo.

This is me riding my new bike. I like it. One day I crashed on my old bike.

This is when we were at the park in LA. Afton and I were sliding down on the slide, and then Afton was swinging on the bar above the slide, and then she slid down, and she was like Woah!!!

This is Anika playing in the sand. We dug a really deep hole and we made a volcano and we also made holes in the ground.

I was swinging on the swing, and I was doing it by myself and then my dad helped me and I went really high and he kept saying that I was going to do a loop-dee-loop.

Back Home in Oakland

Just when we got home, I started building the tower of Toa which is what I chose for Christmas with GG's present of money. It was done just the other day and I like playing with it with my friends.

Right after I built the Tower of Toa, I started building the Vikings that Ian and Hélène and Simon and Liska gave me. I'm almost done with it right now, and they have 3 cannonballs, and they have a dragon and also some Vikings and also a little dragon and I put the thing that I'm building right now on the top of the cage of the little dragon. But sometimes it's kind of hard to build.